Rewterz recognized as “Outstanding in SMB Support” in 2023 KuppingerCole Market Compass Report for SOCaaS for the UAE


What’s Inside the Report?

Our solutions and services are excellent, our clients say so, but when an independent analyst says the same, it adds to our joy and increases our authentication. If you’re looking for a detailed analysis of the top vendors for the SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) in the UAE market, this report is for you! 

“This Market Compass covers the Security Operations Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) market in the UAE that continues to develop in response to demand for security monitoring, analysis, detection, response, and improvement recommendations either instead of or as a supplement to permanent on-premises SOCs.”

What did KuppingerCole say about Rewterz?

“Rewterz scores highly in all the areas for basic and advanced capabilities such as risk management facilities, log management, support for business leaders, and security awareness training and support. These are usually required as a SOC replacement for small and medium sized businesses. Rewterz provides services that can be customized for the specific needs and requirements of SMBs, making use of technologies in protecting current investments.”

— Warwick Ashford, KuppingerCole


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Check out Rewterz’s strengths:

  • Rewterz is focused on the Middle East and Southeast Asia, providing localized services.
  • Customers have access to a unified XDR dashboard on a single platform for full real-time visibility of all security operations.
  • Local UAE SOC and localized threat intelligence feed.
  • Services and technology based on customer needs and existing investments.
  • Support for all sizes of enterprise, including those with fewer than 500 employees.

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