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Rewterz’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service

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Rewterz's Managed Detection and Response service complements the existing Security Operations Center (SOC) while focusing on Security Automation, Advanced Threat Detection, Threat Hunting and Proactive Incident Response. Experience hands-on protection with our security experts for your organization’s all-out defense. Our services also include our experts designated specifically for your organization’s safety, whether onsite, remote or hybrid, stay safe 24/7/365!

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Rewterz provides you with 24/7/365 security monitoring coupled with our MDR services tailored for your organization, which helps you prioritize and respond to critical incidents like never before.

Incident response from manual to lightning speed in no time.

Current XDR solutions are overly complex and take considerable time and expense to get off the ground and gain value. The power behind our MDR service is  Rewterz XDR platform that makes it easy for our security teams to quickly realize value through extensive integrations and automation playbooks that lets us take incident response from manual to lightning speed in no time.

MDR Use Cases


Advanced Detection and Response

Rewterz Advanced Detection and Response combines human and machine led approach to hunt, detect and respond to threats affecting modern businesses. Through advanced intelligence, monitoring and response, it ensures that your business is always on the front foot when it comes to protecting and defending the operations.

Rapid Incident Investigation and Remediation

With years of experience handling all types of incidents, our security analysts provide a comprehensive assessment of attacker activity along with quick incident remediation, delivering the context needed to understand threats, assess risk and take definitive action in minutes.

Threat Intelligence

Rewterz Threat Intelligence advisories proactively fortify the defenses and mitigate threats by equipping organizations with collected data of latest cybersecurity threats propagating in the cyber world from global threat feeds.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Rewterz Threat Hunting locates unknown threats across IT infrastructure earlier than they cause damage or disruption. By proactively hunting for adversaries, it determines if an organization is being attacked, and provides insight into the techniques, tactics and procedures used by the adversary.


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