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Purple Team Assessment

Want to enhance your existing defense and response capabilities and evaluate how effectively they work together?


In the realm of cyber security, there is a growing demand to enhance the security landscape of an organization with a more collaborative approach and one of the most effective ways is to perform combination of both red team and blue team assessments that renders invaluable insight through real world attack and response scenarios.

Rewterz Purple Team Assessment evaluates existing capabilities of an organization's security defenses under simulated attack scenarios to enhance the detective and response measures as well as recommend any necessary adaptations to mitigate attacks in future.



Bring both Red & Blue Team together

Mutual feedback of the two teams provides visibility into the tactics used by threat actors, working together to plan, develop, and implement stronger security controls as needed.

Cost effectiveness

With purple team assessment, bring both teams into a single platform and leverage the insights of both assessments to achieve a cost effective engagement to improve the overall security posture.

Time saving exercise

Purple teaming ensures a shorter feedback loop, which saves both team's time for faster remediation and continual development .

Comprehensive reporting

After the exercise, we deliver a comprehensive report for a complete understanding of executed scenarios and its impact on both red and blue teams.

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