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SOC Maturity Assessment

Want to determine and assess the state of your security operations center maturity?


As the threat landscape rapidly evolves, the Security Operations Center (SOC) being the front line of defense needs to be effective, mature and capable of detecting, investigating and responding to complex and persistent attacks.

Rewterz SOC Maturity Assessment measures, assesses and evolves the maturity of your security operations center (SOC) based on a proven Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) framework, to gain insights on how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of existing SOC.



Towards proactive approach

Understanding both where you are and the path forward in establishing 5 levels of SOC maturity will take your SOC from reactive to proactive transition.

Evaluation of current policies and procedures

This assessment also ensures that the current policies and procedures are well-defined, subjectively evaluated, and implemented against industry best practices.

Tactical improvements for analysts

Maturity Assessment introduces efficiencies and improvements by removing the mundane tasks from analysts’ daily workloads and limiting the false positives, allowing analysts to go hunting for more complicated threats, misconfiguration or indicators of compromise.

Assurance of maturity certificate

Based on our extensive experience in building and analyzing security operations, we provide a SOC Maturity Assessment Certificate that develops a sense of assurance for the CISOs about the credibility of their existing SOC.

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