Secure Architecture Design & Review

Want to evaluate the effectiveness of your current network architecture and it's design?

As digital businesses are becoming more complex, new techniques of cyber attacks are introduced daily forcing organizations to minimize the gaps in the core assets that are often targeted by attackers.

Rewterz Secure Architecture Design and Review leads organizations through an in-depth assessment of their existing network infrastructure and implemented design against industry best practices and addresses network security loopholes to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.

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Earn trust with potential business partners and customers

By conducting Architecture Design & Review can help in retaining trustworthiness of potential business partners and customers, especially when competing to be a vendor for a major organization.

Adequate network segmentation

Secure Architecture Design & Review ensures network segmentation to prevent attackers from compromising the whole infrastructure with a single point of failure.

Improved network infrastructure documentation

Rewterz incorporates best practices to improve robust network documentation that incorporates key network components, segmentation, logging, policies, procedures and a reliable network diagram.

Standardization across existing network

Secure Architecture Design & Review ensures standardization, which makes it easier among auditors to determine and address discrepancies of the network infrastructure in the future.

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