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Secure Architecture Design & Review

Want to evaluate the effectiveness of your current network architecture and it's design?


As digital businesses are becoming more complex, new techniques of cyber attacks are introduced daily forcing organizations to minimize the gaps in the core assets that are often targeted by attackers.

Rewterz Secure Architecture Design and Review leads organizations through an in-depth assessment of their existing network infrastructure and implemented design against industry best practices and addresses network security loopholes to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.



No user disruption

Rewterz Compromise Assessment is non-intrusive, so the daily operations won’t be disrupted.

Actionable recommendations

Compromise Assessment provides actionable recommendations to defend against known tactics, techniques, and procedures of an attacker.

Complete visibility

Our dedicated, highly skilled team quickly takes an inventory of the network, email and endpoints to perform a thorough review and identify areas of risk to better protect against a future attack.

Cost effective approach

Compromise Assessment is a more comprehensive and cost-effective approach to track down threats, malware, and adversaries with long-term improvements of defense

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