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Social Engineering

Want to know how cyber criminals can exploit employees to attack organizations?


All it takes for any organization’s cyber security defenses to crumble is an employee making a small mistake; like clicking on a malicious email or link. It is much easier for cybercriminals to hack a human than an organziation’s network which makes employees the single greatest security risk.

Rewterz Social Engineering service assesses the weaknesses and risks posed by the human element and how it could impact the security of an organization.



Customized Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Our team will determine how vulnerable your organization is to a social engineering attack by building an attack scenario using customized tactics, techniques and procedures.

Comprehensive Reporting

We provide a comprehensive report that explains the exposure of the potential social engineering attacks and the risk it poses to your organization while recommending best practices for further training to put employees a step ahead of the attackers.

Increased Resilience of Security Posture

By implementing the recommendations of our social engineering report, increase the resilience of the overall security posture and minimize the risk of these attacks.

Understand Real-world Risks

We test your people and security controls by using real world attack scenarios to depict what a true cybercriminal could attempt to do in order to trick human behavior into doing what may not be in the best interest of your organization’s security.

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