Want to optimize the SIEM operations for better performance and scalability?


To keep pace with sophistication and volume of modern day threats, organizations are moving forward to optimizing their existing SIEM technology to make them more secure and reduce operational costs.

Rewterz SIEM Optimization is the path to improve current SIEM solution capabilities with better reporting, logs collection, events, analysis and retention which advances threat detection capabilities and helps analysts focus response efforts on higher priority events, speeding up the ability to investigate and respond to threats and attacks.



Proactive Monitoring of Logs

Having an appropriate level of context is a core function of successful SIEM, Rewterz SIEM Optimization ensures proactive monitoring of logs by providing context enriched log feeds.

Dynamic Integrations

SIEM Optimization ensures real-time integrations with SOAR platforms that allow analysts to enrich, prioritize, triage and remediate malicious events through automated workflows and orchestrated incident response action.

Quick Remediation

Our SIEM engineers will fine tune SIEM technology to reduce the size and complexity of log data that dramatically improves remediation time .

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Enable the SIEM solution to deliver contextually relevant SIEM reports to various levels of personnel like technical, mid-level and executive management.

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