Want to bridge the gaps between the current SOC and an ideal state of SOC?


Security Operations Center is a backbone of modern age security and threat monitoring that goes through its own path of evolution. To keep up its relevance and pace with the ever evolving threat landscape, organizations need to determine gaps and reassess where their security posture lies.

Rewterz SOC Gap Analysis is the path to achieve an ideal SOC state that addresses all the gaps in people, process and technology of current SOC infrastructure and determines areas to improve against predefined set of benchmarks.



Enhanced SOC capabilities

Address technology gaps by ensuring whether the existing SIEM tools are updated, to help SOC analysts filter out false alarms, speed up triage, and simplify incident analysis without adding a burden on IT security.

A well-defined documentation

The key element for managing SOC is a well-defined documentation that is in-sync with all three components: people, process and technology. Rewterz SOC Gap Analysis helps improve communication and efficiency by evaluating whether the processes are documented to ensure that team members will function effectively as a cohesive unit.

Improved SOC design

SOC Gap Analysis ensures whether the existing SOC design entails skill-set from all components of a robust security posture such as risk management, threat intelligence, etc.

Resource Optimization

Address the gaps of overwhelmed resources by identifying their true potential and assign them the roles they are best capable of.

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