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The rise in cyber threats has been extensively documented. Data breaches, phishing exploits, ransomware, crypto-jacking, malware, and a slew of other threats are on the rise in both quantity and complexity. The current state of cybersecurity plainly reveals the ineffectiveness of reactive tactics. For maximum security, organizations must maximize cutting-edge proactive solutions.

One of the most effective methods is threat intelligence.

Today, every enterprise, regardless of size, requires a threat intelligence platform that can provide comprehensive information about the current threat landscape, aid in scenario planning, and provide meaningful business insight. Our expert analyst team separately monitors threats and attacks characteristics from a different perspective to successfully anticipate illicit intentions and outcomes

Threat Intelligence Report

Rewterz Annual Threat Intelligence Report 2022

Recent cyber-related incidents serve as a sobering reminder that we will always need to be on guard. Critical vulnerabilities and other emerging threats emphasize the risks of the uncharted and defend against those threats.

Rewterz has created a distinct niche for itself in the cybersecurity industry in such a way that organizations all around the world use its Managed Security Services and Threat Intelligence services to increase organizational security.


Threat Data Feeds

Strengthen your security measures and forensic capabilities with our up-to-date actionable cyber threat data.

Threat Advisories

Receive proactive communication for notable threats as they arise through threat intelligence advisories and reports.

APT Intelligence Reporting

Receive exclusive, proactive access to most recent investigations and insights, revealing the methods, tactics, and tools used by APT actors.

Financially Motivated Group Activities

Provides information on financially-motivated cybercrime and includes a detailed description of malware, malware spam campaigns, researcher notes, and early warnings

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Threat Intelligence Feed

Ongoing and unlimited access to enriched and contextualized IOCs

Stolen Credentials

Detect compromised credentials, collected using malware and from data leakage.

Threat Context

Analysis of actors and campaigns affecting your organization or sector.

Social Media

Monitor your organization’s digital footprint on social networks and search engines

Dark Web

Track malicious activities from the underground world


Monitor global hacktivism activity on the dark web, the web, and social networks

Credit Cards

Detect and retrieve compromised credit cards from infected POS and underground forums

Data Breach

Know if confidential information about your organization is publicly available online.

Mobile Apps

Monitor dozens of app marketplaces to detect and remove rogue, malicious and illegitimate counterfeit applications

Domain Protection

Detection of lookalike domain name registration and protection against phishing attacks


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