Want to align the SOC model with your existing business needs?


While SOC serves as a facility that centralizes and consolidates cybersecurity incident prevention, security event monitoring, detection and response capabilities, in order to benefit from it, organizations need the right model that best suits their organizational needs.

Rewterz SOC Model Evaluation with its extensive experience of planning and delivering successful SOC infrastructures and 24/7 operating SOC services identifies the best SOC model for your organization and customize it according to various requirements.

Our Methodology

Rewterz consultants evaluate the current SOC in order to have a clear understanding of its operating model, service delivery nature and scope. The consultants will also evaluate current SOC teams’ structures, operational model and distribution of service function across those teams and provide valuable suggestions accordingly.

The team will also identify any missing or required processes and service functions within the SOC apart from existing ones.

The evaluation will be based upon following points:


Comprehensive Reporting

After the assessment a comprehensive report is submitted which has a detailed analysis of the current SOC model.

Actionable Recommendations

Provides actionable recommendations to improve your SOC model in order to better protect your organization and improve SOC effectiveness.

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