About Us

Our Story

Before Rewterz got its start, the market was in dire need of a specialized and dedicated information security company. It was nearly impossible for businesses to find a trustworthy provider that could truly cover all of their bases. We wanted to meet this need, giving companies across the globe a chance to get ahead while knowing that their data is in good hands.

It’s businesses like yours that drive us to excel. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how important it is to keep focused on your true purpose. With threats growing more advanced and sophisticated on a daily basis, it’s impossible for you to stay abreast of all the latest protection techniques while still having the time and resources to devote to your actual business, the thing you’re passionate about. We relieve you of the worry and hassle, taking on the full responsibility for all of your information security needs.

How Rewterz is Different

Rewterz is a leading provider of Managed Security Services delivering superior detection and response through a skilled team of experts, advanced R&D, and solutions that merge big data and advanced human analytics.


Our services provide full-scale, comprehensive information security. Not just the small stuff. After all, how can real security be achieved when everything is separate and weakened? We take a holistic approach, ensuring that every aspect of our security measures is synergized and coordinated for optimum efficiency. By having a cohesive force surrounding your information, you can rest easy knowing it’s under the strongest guard. We aim to change the industry by providing well-researched data that you can use, rather than a maze of dense statistics. The actionability of the information we supply will give your company a leading edge and clear strategization opportunities. We’re utilizing our world-class skills to construct a next-generation analytics solution, fusing our advanced R&D knowledge and big-data security analytics technologies.

Our goal is to make all of our servicing beneficial for both you and our team, leaving you happy with such a strong level of security, and us happy that we’ve succeeded in helping a business stay protected while achieving its ultimate goals.

Our Leadership


Our leadership team brings together years of knowledge and experience in cybersecurity to drive our company's mission and vision. Our team is passionate about delivering high-quality products and services, leading by example and assisting our clients in securing their organization’s environment.