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Tabletop Exercise

Want to evaluate roles, responsibilities, processes and response efforts for handling a cyber attack?


The sustainability of a cyber incident response plan can only be ensured when the whole organization is working as a team rather than in isolation to combat against a cyber attack.

Rewterz Tabletop Exercise activity evaluates and discusses plans, processes, strategies, and roles for responding to various cyber incident scenarios in a stress-free environment, taking organizations towards a state of continuous improvement.



Establish Clear Preparedness Objectives

It helps organizations establish clear standards for preparedness and procedures by documenting all the objectives and how to achieve them.

Cost-effective Method

It is a low-cost and useful method for organizations to gain foresight and better prepare to respond in case of any cyber attack.

Assess the Roles and Responsibilities

This exercise allows participants to understand their roles and how different areas can work together to execute on their best course of action during an attack.

Understand Scenario-based Real-world Experiences

Rewterz Tabletop Exercise uses real-world scenarios to demonstrate risks, concerns, and critical feedback on the business strategies and technical risks.

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