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Advanced Persistent Threats Assessment

Want to assess risk and impact of an advanced, persistent threat attack?


Organizations are increasingly under attack as cyber criminals and state-sponsored groups attempt to use sophisticated, blended techniques that elude even the best cyber security controls in place and get access to highly sensitive data.

Rewterz APT Assessment team simulates an advance attack against the organization to identify potential weaknesses that enable an attacker to penetrate the infrastructure without being detected and helps the organization assess the potential risk from a future APT attack.



Assess the current state of security controls

Our team will provide a detailed analysis of organizations network, hosts, databases, applications, and wireless infrastructure to examine the quality and efficacy of the security controls with the goal of evaluating organization’s readiness to face a targeted attack.

Prepare for future zero-day attacks

By conducting an APT assessment, gain insights into zero day vulnerabilities lurking inside your network that attackers might exploit and prepare for future APT attacks.

Identify risk from advanced threats

Our team helps organizations in evaluating the potential risk from advanced threats, including

  • Compromised sensitive information
  • The sabotaging of critical organizational infrastructures
  • Full unauthorized access
  • Financial exposure

Articulate and implement vision

After the assessment we provide organizations with a complete roadmap to effectively defend against Advanced Persistent Threats. Organizations are continuously required to revisit their current security strategies to address the many areas adversaries can exploit.

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