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Security Awareness and Training

How to empower your employees with security awareness and training to better recognize and respond to security threats?


No matter how advanced the security technology, humans are still considered the weakest link in an organization's security defense. Investing in a holistic program to educate and empower everyone who touches the network, inherently reduces the risk by increasing awareness and impacting culture.

Rewterz Security Awareness and Training addresses the human element of cybersecurity by providing staff with knowledge and preparedness for security threats in an interactive approach that is tailored to meet your organization’s needs and culture.



A Full-Featured Portfolio

To engage users and keep security top-of-mind, we offer an adaptive and updated library of interactive cybersecurity resources including presentations, videos, posters, wallpapers, and awareness games tailored to fit your organisation.

Customizable Reporting and Analytics

Reporting of results collected include stats and graphs for both training and social engineering exercises along with recommendations for improvement where needed.

Engaging and interactive approach

To cement a sustainable security culture, we provide staff with an interactive and engaging way to learn about information security by incorporating games and more.

Continual reinforcement

Effective security awareness and training is more than an annual course, we provide managed services and conduct follow-up activities to evolve and cultivate an organization’s awareness culture throughout the year.

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