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Red Team Assessment

Want to measure the effectiveness of cyber security defenses against advanced and sophisticated real-world attacks ?


With the evolving threat landscape, organizations today want to evaluate how they would perform under a real-world advanced and sophisticated attack.

Rewterz Red Team Assessment is a full spectrum cyberattack simulation which helps organizations evaluate how they can be compromised, assesses the effectiveness of their security controls as well as gauges their security team's response to a persistent attacker.



Real-World Attack Scenario

Red Team Assessment offers an attack simulation that mimics a real world attacker without disrupting network availability or business continuity.

Evolve Your Defenses

Our hands-on experience in penetrating your defenses will uncover strategic recommendations that will go beyond tactical patches and help you build a stronger overall security culture.

Highly-trained Consultants

Our Red Team Assessment relies on highly skilled security professionals, senior penetration testers, and social engineering experts from different backgrounds and various skills with extensive experience, in both defense and offense, combining unique mindsets for the same goal: YOUR SECURITY.

Custom-tailored to an organization’s environment

Rewterz Red Team Assessments are custom-tailored to an organization’s environment and needs, with jointly agreed upon missions objectives which are achieved using a combination of techniques:

  • External Penetration Testing
  • Internal Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering

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