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Incident Response

Want to gauge the impact of a cyber breach and implement an effective containment and recovery process?


Incidents, if not properly handled, can tarnish an organization’s reputation or worse- drag them into legal liability.

Rewterz incident response services can help recover from the incident, resolve the issue, prevent any further damage, and strengthen defenses against future incidents therefore, enhancing the overall security posture of an organization.



Triage and Prepare

Rewterz team prepares strategies and incorporates threat intelligence feeds to ensure the security of systems, networks, and applications.

Detect and Analyze

We detect varying levels of incidents while coupling related data with specialized technical knowledge and analysis.

Contain and Recover

Our team provides containment and eradication techniques as per the indicators of compromise gathered during the analysis.

Identify Preventive Measures

Security experts strengthen the organization’s defenses by identifying new security initiatives

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