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Source Code Review

Want to discover vulnerabilities that go unnoticed during traditional application testing?


The increasing complexity of applications makes the coding far more prone to vulnerabilities and errors that can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Rewterz Source Code Review leverages a hybrid approach coupled with advanced automated tools and comprehensive manual analysis to highlight the hidden vulnerabilities that minimize the attack factors for the application.



Enhancement of coding practices

Rewterz analyzes poor coding practices that may make the application more vulnerable to attacks and recommends best practices to fix them.

Complete visibility

Source Code Reviews help developers to gain complete visibility into their applications by addressing coding vulnerabilities that they may have missed.

Verify key security controls

Source Code Review allows organizations to verify the key security controls of their application that may be bypassed by a malicious attacker.

Context enriched reporting

We deliver a concise report that incorporates all the vulnerabilities with relevant context and recommendations to best mitigate them.

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