Rewterz Threat Intelligence Report 2018

Friday, August 3, 2018

Karachi, Pakistan – August 3, 2018 – Rewterz, a boutique information security company, today announced the release of the monthly Threat Intelligence Report. The report is compiled from an advanced intelligence gathering platform that Rewterz has developed to identify cyber attacks in Pakistan.  The report aims to provide the latest analysis of methods used by attackers to compromise data.


“Rewterz Threat Intelligence Platform is made up of numerous attack sensors collecting malicious events all over Pakistan, making it most comprehensive and advanced threat intelligence gathering network in the country.” said Faiz Ahmad Shuja, CEO, Rewterz. “To keep your information safe, you need the most advanced threat intelligence out there. Rewterz has mastered the art of threat intelligence, and are ready to help you fortify the defenses. Through this report, we aim to share and dissipate knowledge about sophisticated threats and advanced attacker practices in use on the Internet today.”


Based on the data collected by Rewterz, some of the key findings include:

  • The highest number of attacks towards Pakistan’s cyber space was directed from China (41%), Netherlands (17%) and the United States (17%).
  • Most attacks targeted the ports 445 (SMB), 443 (HTTPS), 80 (HTTP) and 23 (Telnet).
  • Autorun Trojans evolved as the most favorite malware of attackers to contaminate Pakistan’s cyber space (25%).
  • In terms of C&C based malwares, WannaCry surfaced as the top attacking tool in 62% of the attacks.
  • Banking sector is the most targeted in Pakistan, bearing 62% cyber-attacks.
  • 70% of the attack incidents captured by Rewterz SOC occurred through malware activity, whereas policy violations, phishing, internal and external attacks were also observed.

To view a full copy of the Rewterz Threat Intelligence 2018 report, please visit: Threat Intelligence Report


About Rewterz

Rewterz is a boutique Information Security company, committed to consistently providing world class professional security services. Our strategy revolves around the need to provide round-the-clock quality information security services and solutions to our customers. We maintain this standard through our highly skilled and professional team, and custom-designed, customer-centric services and products.


Rewterz fulfills the need to enhance cyber security posture, improve operational efficiency and reduce the costs associated with implementing a comprehensive security strategy. Rewterz helps organizations minimize the potential occurrence and impact of security attack, and with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of security environments, ensures customers the freedom to select best-of-breed solutions.


Rewterz not only assists in incident handling in case of an attack, but also provides visibility of potential threats to an organization, along with proposing and implementing best controls.


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