Rewterz Threat Alert – Phishing Campaign Targeting Bank Employees in Pakistan, Forging Zimbra

Tuesday, February 12, 2019





Analysis Summary

A new Phishing campaign has been observed targeting bank employees in Pakistan. The email contains an attachment named “Overdue Payment” which looks like a PDF file. The email looks like this:

The attachment has a malicious link embedded in it. When the attachment is clicked, users are redirected to a phishing URL. The URL leads to a forged login page of Zimbra email application used by the employees of the targeted bank. While the original Zimbra page for the bank contains a logo of the bank, the forged page looked like this with a logo of Zimbra itself. However, the difference was still not very apparent for an unsuspecting victim.

What’s innovative in this phishing attack is that when the users were redirected to the login page of Zimbra, their email address associated with the bank was already written in the ‘username’ space, due to which, unsuspecting users might enter their password carelessly, thinking that they had been logged out of their legitimate Zimbra accounts by chance or due to session timeout.

Moreover, our analysts entered the malicious URL on Virus Total, which failed to detect it as malicious because it only focused on the first section of the URL which is Google. Upon closer observation, another URL was found within the main URL “https[:]//” which was identified by Virus Total as a Phishing URL when searched separately.


Credential Theft

Indicators of Compromise



Email Address


Email Subject

[BULK] New Protected Document for [target’s name]


Block the Threat Indicators at their respective controls.

Since the threat actors are creating target-specific URL for each victim:

1) Never open unexpected emails or attachments received from unknown sources, even if they appear to be harmless.

2) Never enter credentials on any web page that appears by clicking on links received in emails.

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