Rewterz Threat Alert – Amazon Phishing Scam Creates Login Prompts in PDF Docs

Friday, August 9, 2019



Analysis Summary

A phishing campaign using JavaScript embedded in PDFs to steal credentials. The campaign began with a German-language email masquerading as a tax invoice notification from Amazon Seller Central. The sender name is spoofed to appear to come from the legitimate Amazon DE marketplace. Attached to the email is a PDF that claims to require you to log into your Seller Central account to view the contents of the document. Within the PDF there is embedded JavaScript attached to the login prompt. The JavaScript is responsible for capturing the provided credentials and sending them in plain text to a remote server. While this is a simple phishing attempt like other traditional phishing emails, using a document-based vector avoids having to trick users into clicking on suspicious links, which is becoming more difficult as user awareness increases.


Credential theft

Indicators of Compromise


  • http[:]//sellercentral[.]amazon[.]de[.]56U8GTHDGT4U7YWEWE84GTYS[.]abecklink[.]com/step1[.]php
  • http[:]//sellercentral[.]amazon[.]de[.]56U8GTHDGT4U7YWEWE84GTYS[.]abecklink[.]com

Malware Hash (MD5/SHA1/SH256)



  • Block all threat indicators at your respective controls.
  • Always be suspicious about emails sent by unknown senders.
  • Never click on the links/attachments sent by unknown senders.

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