SIEM Gap Analysis

Want to maximize existing SIEM deployment and ensure its operational effectiveness?

No matter how comprehensive and successful the deployment of a SIEM, without tuning and optimization, it can be just another logging system which collects large amounts of logs and events that either do not make sense on their own or paint only part of the picture.

For this, Rewterz addresses gaps in the existing SIEM technology to ensure that it collects appropriate correlational data, analysis, logs, events and provides best practices to get the most value out of current SIEM investment.

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Comprehensive contextual awareness

Having the appropriate level of context is a core function of successful SIEM, Rewterz SIEM Gap Analysis assess which rules need to be enforced from which log sources and under what circumstances.

Robust documentation

During the SIEM Gap Analysis, ensure that there is a well-documented plan of action to follow for investigating various types of alerts, events and follow through to remediation.

Effective use of threat intelligence

Our SIEM engineers will evaluate the effectiveness of threat intelligence feeds being ingested into existing SIEM to filter out the most updated and accurate threats.

Enhanced reporting capabilities

Enable the SIEM solution to deliver contextually relevant SIEM reports to various levels of personnel like technical, mid-level and executive management.

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