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To improve the overall security posture, organizations implement IT assets and often rush them into production with default settings and without basic hardening that results in several misconfigurations. Therefore, assessing these risks in deploying such configurations is necessary.

Rewterz Configuration Analysis helps organizations to configure assets against industry standards and best practices by conducting a comprehensive configuration analysis of servers, network devices, security controls, applications, and other IT assets.

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Rapid Detection

Rapid detection of improper configurations and proactive mitigation provides enhanced and improved business operations.

Customized and Scalable Approach

A secure configuration analysis tests every facet of IT infrastructure for the vulnerabilities hackers exploit to gain access. This includes operating systems, your network, and databases.

Manage complex security issues

Our cybersecurity experts help clients define a strategy, identify threats and risks, deploy the right technologies and ensure operational readiness needed for securely performing business.

Full Visibility

An exhaustive review of the configurations of firewalls, routers and switches and other IT assets based on secure configurations at the infrastructure level to prevent those attacks that take advantage of the known configurations and vulnerabilities.

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