September 18, 2018
British Airways faces Data Breach of 380,000 Accounts
A malicious JavaScript code had been planted within British Airway’s website, leading to data breach of around 380,000 accounts.     RELEASE DATE: September 14th, 2018 […]
September 8, 2018
Internal Attacks and their Impact on Organizations
THE WORLD OF INFORMATION SECURITY   The World of IT is not safe. With the growing techniques of hacking and information breach, it’s possible to decrypt […]
June 25, 2018
Gear up for WannaCry 2.0
WannaCry 2.0 In The Making? After the disasters of WannaCry in the global cyberspace last year, and the on-going fiasco of cyber-attacks involving the name, it’s […]
June 2, 2009
An Insight into Vulnerability Management
People tend to underestimate the intricacies involved in a Vulnerability Management program. The traditional approach of ‘Find them – Kill them’ tends to faint out when […]
May 25, 2009
How good are you at utilizing your Vulnerability Management program?
Here is our take on making the most of your vulnerability management system. Act right away! As much as people like to document their scan results […]
April 10, 2009
Acid test your Security with Penetration Testing
By Faiz Ahmad Shuja This article was featured in the April 2009 issue of CIO Pakistan’s CSO magazine.       In a cruel world, where even slow […]