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Nowadays, big data isn’t something reserved for the most technical organizations – it’s a necessity for every enterprise that hopes to maintain a competitive advantage and impenetrable security. So what is big data anyway? It’s a chunk of data that is so large and complex, it’s almost impossible to process efficiently using traditional applications and databases. Big data analytics tackle this problem by using advanced and specialized methods to sort through the data, discovering patterns, relations, anomalies, and more. Since security analytics is becoming more and more data-dense, needing to gather and process huge stores of monitoring, detection, management, and response data, security management has now shifted into the realm of big data. By implementing big data analysis techniques on security information, businesses like yours can gain the capabilities they need to effectively manage their security and create informed strategies.


Making sense of your data is one of the things that we do best – and one of the things you need most. Without clear, actionable data to work from, it can be hard for your company to stay on top of its game. Not to worry. When you use our solution, you’ll have an easy and powerful way to analyze your big data. Its automatic indexing includes complex multi-line logs. You’ll be able to quickly search and report on resulting data while interpreting your searches in a more actionable context. In turn, you’ll have faster diagnosis and troubleshooting capabilities, providing repeatable and affordable compliance. This translates into better preparation for security management, and higher response abilities, and comprehensive insights into your security measures and statistics.



  • Effective management of even the largest collections of big data
  • Comprehensive and automatic big data indexing
  • Quick search and reporting capabilities
  • Actionable interpretations of all data
  • Faster diagnosis and troubleshooting

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