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SCADA Penetration Testing


What would happen if terrorists were able to hack into and shut down the electrical grid of a major city? Threat levels would skyrocket. Communications would be impeded. Buildings, people, and information would be left vulnerable. The entire population would be put in danger. Fortunately, frightening attacks like this can be prevented, thanks to Rewterz.
Protecting critical infrastructures is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. In order to keep the most important facilities and systems secured, such as airports, electrical grids, and nuclear plants, we have developed the most extensive penetration testing services for Industrial Control Systems and Smart Grids. This is SCADA Penetration Testing.


While the special systems used by governmental and other important facilities may be quite advantageous for their operations, they do have vulnerabilities. When these vulnerabilities are targeted by bad guys, the attacks can be swift, dangerous, and quick to spread. Through SCADA Penetration Testing, our team will simulate an attack against your systems using advanced attacker methods. We’ll identify your weak points, and compile a comprehensive strategy for improving safety and security.



  • Better understand your security measures and their weaknesses before it’s too late
  • Give yourself an opportunity to prepare for future attacks
  • Prevent danger and costly damages that result from real security breaches
  • Receive a professionally constructed plan for improving your security measures



Our expert professionals will provide a detailed analysis of your network, hosts, databases, applications, and wireless infrastructures to identify vulnerabilities. We’ll log every step of our simulated attack, as well as the responses and effects in your systems. You’ll be given a customized security strategy based on our findings, a full roadmap to preparing your organization for malicious hacker attacks.

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