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Do you know how your organization would respond to a real-world attack compromising your most critical assets? Would it be adequate to procure traditional security services only? What you need is a more thorough Red Team Assessment. Don’t be troubled, Rewterz Red Team Assessment service is just what you need. Our Red Team will test your ability to detect and respond to an active attacker scenario, testing your physical security as well as applying social engineering, network, and application attacks.


Rewterz uses any non-destructive methods necessary to accomplish a set of mutually agreed upon mission objectives while simulating attacker behavior. It helps us verify and check whether the organization’s sensitive data, servers, databases, etc., are at higher risk of being compromised. We do not only find vulnerabilities but eliminate them. After carrying out a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure, it is our utmost priority to ensure the integrity of your organization’s security.



  • Provide an accurate situational awareness of a real-world attack.
  • Better understand your security measures and their weaknesses before it’s too late
  • Give yourself an opportunity to prepare for future attacks
  • Prevent costly damages that result from real security breaches
  • Reduce your response time to attacks and incidents.
  • Receive a professionally constructed plan for improving your security systems



Unlike Penetration Testing, a Red Team Assessment takes an integrated approach to assess your information security defenses by combining multiple testing strategies into a comprehensive offensive engagement, with the sole objective of gaining access to customer assets.


Our highly trained security consultants enact attack scenarios to reveal potential physical, software and human vulnerabilities. We meet with relevant stakeholders in your organization to debrief on the engagement. Our detailed client report provides comprehensive vulnerabilities, methodology and remediation strategies based on key findings.

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