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Next Generation Penetration Testing


What if you could know how attackers think, work, and pull off their biggest heists? Then you’d be able to construct a foolproof security architecture, one that offers complete protection even in the places the cleverest of attackers would target. Well lucky for you, this is completely possible, thanks to our Next Generation Penetration Testing service. Our team will use the most advanced attacker techniques to test your systems for weaknesses before the bad guys have a chance to attack. Think of it as doing a mock robbery of your own bank before the real robbers come, so that you can figure out where you need protection the most.


To provide the highest quality results, we use adversary based testing instead of focusing only on standard testing. It’s the adversaries (bad guys) that wreak the most havoc, and are therefore the ones you should place priority in guarding against. We use zero-day attacks, which bypass all protection mechanisms currently used by mare undetected by most organizations. After completing our simulated attacks and vulnerability scanning, we develop a thorough analysis of your security measures and how and where improvements can be made.



  • Better understand your security measures and their weaknesses before it’s too late
  • Give yourself an opportunity to prepare for future attacks
  • Prevent costly damages that result from real security breaches
  • Receive a professionally constructed plan for improving your security systems



Our expert professionals will provide a detailed analysis of your network, hosts, databases, applications, and wireless infrastructures to identify vulnerabilities. We’ll log every step of our simulated attack, as well as the responses and effects in your systems. You’ll be given a customized security strategy based on our findings, a full roadmap to preparing your organization for malicious hacker attacks.

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