Rewterz Threat Alert – Winnti Malware 4.0 Exploits Vulnerabilities in Linux and Windows

Friday, September 6, 2019



Analysis Summary

The Winnti Malware is being used by APT groups such as the Chinese APT41 to launch cyber attacks. Winnti malware is installed manually with stolen privileged credentials or by exploiting system vulnerabilities since it requires an AES key string to decrypt a DAT file.

The Winnti 4.0 variants require a command line structured in the manner listed below, in order to fully execute.

loader_path AES_key_string DAT_file_path

This Linux variant of Winnti 4.0 (works for windows too) allows the operators to initiate a connection directly to an infected host, without requiring a connection to a control server.

This toolkit enables operators to have expertise in compromising Windows-based environments, now extending to Linux as well. Indicators of Compromise are given.


  • Privilege Escalation
  • Security Bypass
  • Code Execution

Indicators of Compromise

Malware Hash (MD5/SHA1/SH256)

  • 794e127d627b3af9015396810a35af1c
  • 5ebf39d614c22e750bb8dbfa3bcb600756dd3b36929755db9b577d2b653cd2d1
  • 355d1ada949d28e535f707b82a31fce8687154bfc5ab76e9f83dd6a351d76b9f
  • ce9baade675cae3d179cb703c87422fe
  • fe2b6c42b3a354c42c7d9c5b04bcaae914ff03ba5792835cb1f35aa6eff2cdf7
  • aaf8f7895c5ffbb855254d322f114527
  • 31befd3393750a5a3b48ab05e43d9affb47e648b40903ac014bcec68cc087cee
  • 52449d12ae6e5af5ae22150c740e262c
  • a259a52d53e6d7c1bf864446a380966db82370009a8db4b08cfe09abae77d2df
  • 9864437fc844d928a67e8c6ecff2edd6
  • 4b0d86ba4f5e3b515f2a1c68e8798e40e080ecf7bccc502e0b27445b404f7886
  • dd34560ea3e6272663c4c78ad1e2c8b4
  • bf0d37fffa1de72ae4dec8228d5e3c8adafc59b969449ebf924818cd33f8b4a3
  • 22a59a227bddcb158403a023fe2630ef
  • ae9a4d32abc7830393c5800c07bcfa4a7d1e5701370d9440377a5911c9fb3fb9
  • 7c76f5f65f17329bf1468e6b06631bd7
  • d5d24f9bd269b0564f57bec005dbc51688c9a5d2f4eb8f2e8b61b720424ce6bf
  • 79939742f6efd865c112f764ebdaf7c5
  • 13aed842a6b43e61fd8e076cdfa9d96ec9ad917e073740bbd99ccb395eb3c9fe
  • 048b0012d4a389b5489e0e4ee4a5b615
  • d16e01dbb894a40ff0c8b3f6b25a41d190db03c15c432ac50c3784a9880d376e
  • 2b87dd7984c772fb7c7b262016f07665
  • ddda469518921837d51d106ff2e2b243ade8f8ef02845dee0d77d1c348547bd5
  • 0a3edfa038ae8ba96cfe0928f2bc2f05
  • b81bd877a2da4598f44cf1c06e79fee33f8f506060b2d67e869a35d5f45cc915
  • 476a7a4c04f55d2ce8fe65d3728a0162
  • fb2478039c371f0fd8fbef217867ae77cdad7fb186e133723503cd70bb6f2a3e
  • 8593f147507b700ef0722a390b264757
  • 0fdcbd59d6ad41dda9ae8bab8fad9d49b1357282027e333f6894c9a92d0333b3
  • da3b64ec6468a4ec56f977afb89661b1
  • b49f52c69badd3ebca9aee984805d93dcb24a6863d752d99d1e62d6bf7ab3f77
  • 225e239909a48c291a178b0ef0ce3aa4
  • 64a08eb97c7e0d8c34dfbe368892c07b78a4a3f1f271824854f5ea99097fcf2f
  • df67017e9c102b23b9da2db008aff7a1
  • 4340186d5609a903d6148c39b4944a2c18b85729035133f4a3b7b7a0eb1ed1ee
  • 195dd09a56e288d13c0c46ff117a5332
  • fc325e6655134fbb8ffac743db626938e45a99103035e16618ab967958d32421
  • 9366e52e76435dc91dd03af8c234ea0b


  • Block the threat indicators at respective controls.
  • Keep Windows and Linux updated to latest patched versions against known vulnerabilities.
  • Keep all software updated and patched.

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