Rewterz Threat Alert – McDonalds-Themed Facebook Malvertising Deploys Mispadu Banking Trojan

Wednesday, November 20, 2019



Analysis Summary

The Mispadu banking trojan is using a McDonalds malvertising tactic to ultimately steal payment-card data and online banking information. Written in Delphi, Mispadu targets Brazil and Mexico, uses pop-up windows and contains backdoor functionality.


Mispadu spreads via email as well as sponsored advertisements on Facebook. These offer fake discount coupons for McDonalds as shown above. If someone clicks the ad, they’re taken to a phony McDonalds website with a button that says, “I want!/Generate coupon.” Clicking this in turn downloads a ZIP archive to the victim machine containing an MSI installer. The MSI installer sets off a chain Visual Basic Scripts (VBS scripts) that ultimately end with a loader, which checks the language identifier of the target to verify that it is indeed located in Brazil or Mexico, sets up configuration files, connects to its command-and-control (C2) server and downloads the banking trojan. As for its backdoor functionality, Mispadu can take screenshots, simulate mouse and keyboard actions, and capture keystrokes. It collects computer fingerprinting information about its victim machines, and checks to see if regional security applications are installed on the target machine. It also of course monitors for installed banking applications, and also monitors the content of the clipboard and tries to replace potential bitcoin wallets with its own.

This malware extracts stored credentials from browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer), and email clients (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Windows Live Mail, among others). Mispadu is originally an ambitious Latin American banking trojan that utilizes malvertising and extends its attack surface to web browsers. In Brazil, it was seen distributing a malicious Google Chrome extension that attempts to steal credit card data and online banking data, and that compromises the Boleto payment system. It also siphons list of installed common Latin American banking applications and a list of installed security products.


  • Credential Theft
  • Key logging
  • Unauthorized Remote Access
  • Theft of credit card/banking data
  • Financial loss

Indicators of Compromise

Domain Name





  • 525e86186b017bfbbdef82802dba6950
  • 54e8ded7b148a13d3363ac7b33f6eb06
  • 0ea4196141215c3148054f029fc9c96a
  • 053d613849ee008f5a1967bf0219d406
  • 024ff6c7fff97103fe81120aea96da94
  • e60bad975bbec25fe5d26298a3eafbe4


  • 0e3c89fa4d61b5430e3a0949b86058b0873f4c807cba87d687c81d3ad4412ed4
  • 400b411a9bffd687c5e74f51d43b7dc92cdb8d5ca9f674456b75a5d37587d342
  • 8b9e03bea2dfc1ce375cbff63927b7f0f51cbd0d8e74557e9a54c9a361e709b0
  • f3e6a1dbb374e4926f55d3905c70bf30ee59281de6fa96aa34ba6d9e624a8b0e
  • 6ed32f46a595a4097d85e7f70c74be5a57b542595088e81074ad8197901ba7aa


  • http[:]//mcdonalds[.][.]html
  • http[:]//promoscupom[.]cf/ http[:]//3.19.223[.]147/br/mp1a
  • http[:]//mcdonalds.promoscupom[.]cf/index3.html
  • http[:]//mcdonalds.promoscupom[.]cf/index2.html


  • Block the threat indicators at their respective controls.
  • Do not click on random advertisements even if they look appealing and harmless.
  • Keep browsers updated to latest versions and avoid using unnecessary extensions.

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