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To keep your business and its information safe, you need the most advanced threat intelligent services out there. But what do you do when you don’t have the staff or resources to manage it on your own? Contact Rewterz.


Our seasoned experts have mastered the art of threat intelligence, and are ready to help your company fortify its defenses. We give you the ability to gain clear insight on the nature of the threats currently facing your information, and those that are to come. Your weaknesses and vulnerabilities will be detected, and loopholes within your security measures will be targeted for elimination. Additionally, we provide response and recovery capabilities so that in the event of a threat, any breach can be successfully nipped in the bud. In addition to these alerts and actions, we also provide you with detailed reports on threats anytime you need them. We’ll keep threat intelligence logs that are updated in real-time, comprehensively covering your infrastructure, mobile devices and software, cloud and other virtual storage systems, as well as malware that may be trying to break in.

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  • 23, February 2020 Rewterz Threat Advisory – CVE-2019-16028 – Cisco Firepower Management Center
  • 17, February 2020 Rewterz Threat Alert – Satan ransomware rebrands as 5ss5c ransomware
  • 14, February 2020 Rewterz Threat Alert – Emotet Malware Hacks Nearby Wi-Fi Networks to Infect New Victims
  • 13, February 2020 Rewterz Threat Advisory – CVE-2020-3119 – Cisco NX-OS Software Cisco Discovery Protocol Remote Code Execution

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