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Here at Rewterz, we pride ourselves on being a security firm that businesses can trust. Every member of our team sees it as their mission to provide honest and top quality services for companies everywhere. As highly experienced security professionals, we’re always stepping up our game to make sure that we can fulfill this mission. It’s this dedication and the constant honing of our skills that makes us able to easily handle the ever-advancing threats lurking out there on the web.


Businesses are growing more and more dependent on the internet and technology, meaning that our help is needed more than ever. Our main objective is to protect our clients while offloading their work and worry.


When you come to us for security outsourcing, you’ll be able to give us the full responsibility for your information security systems. This frees you and your staff to concentrate on the actual running of your business, boosting productivity and cutting costs. We offer a complete security program, including round-the-clock management and monitoring, real-time security intelligence, global infrastructure as well as a team of 24/7 security experts.

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  • 17, September 2018 Rewterz Threat Advisory – Oracle VM Server for x86 update for kernel-uek
  • 17, September 2018 Rewterz Threat Advisory – Kraken Cryptor Ransomware deceiving as SuperAntiSpyware Security Program
  • 17, September 2018 Rewterz Threat Advisory – New ‘Brrr’ Variant of Dharma Ransomware released
  • 13, September 2018 Rewterz Threat Advisory – PyLocky ransomware using unique evasion tactics

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