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Advanced Cyber Defense

Your organization is making a huge mistake. How do we know this? Because most others are too. The mistake is assuming that your current security measures are enough to prevent modern attacks. In truth, they fall very, very short. Current attack methods can easily bypass the usual security controls, breaking in without a single alarm being triggered. Within a short time, precious information is stolen, and your defenses are left in shambles. All of your hard work has failed, and you’re left to somehow pick up the pieces.


Are you ready to stop these events from happening and take your cyber defenses to the next level? What if you could have an expert team jump right in and take the reins? You can get exactly that, when you utilize our advanced cyber defense services. We lead the way in helping companies like yours protect the assets you can’t afford to lose. Because of their importance, it’s these assets that are most often they prey of vicious attacks. We go beyond the usual defense routines and implementations, using our cultivated knowledge and advanced technologies to move your cyber defenses into a new stage of modernity and effectiveness. Your preventive controls will be optimized, and we’ll significantly reduce time windows attackers have to dwell within your infrastructure. Additionally, your response times to attacks will be given a whole new level of speed. Our services prepare your business for future security breaches, deploy well-planned and powerful responses to threats, and give you the tools necessary to for proactive and informed security actions. You’ll get a well rounded package of prevention, detection, and response tactics that keep your security strong.


Whether you’re a small or large organization, you can benefit from our advanced cyber defense services. We help you bridge the gap between where your current security levels are, and where you want to be. But we don’t stop there. Our work continues indefinitely, enabling your defenses to evolve and advance with the times and latest shifts in the technological scene.


If you have limited resources and a lack of information security staff, we offer the perfect solution. You’ll get expert knowledge, experience, and strategies that can evolve and adapt according to the shifts in attack methods. And you won’t have to worry about making that big security mistake ever again.

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  • 17, February 2020 Rewterz Threat Alert – Satan ransomware rebrands as 5ss5c ransomware
  • 14, February 2020 Rewterz Threat Alert – Emotet Malware Hacks Nearby Wi-Fi Networks to Infect New Victims
  • 13, February 2020 Rewterz Threat Advisory – CVE-2020-3119 – Cisco NX-OS Software Cisco Discovery Protocol Remote Code Execution

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