Managed Security

Organizations everywhere are coming to the realization that their basic perimeter and signature-based security tools are no longer up to the task. They just can’t keep up with the continuing advancement of attacker methods and malware. This leaves companies like yours in a dangerous position – completely vulnerable. Unfortunately, others have learned this the hard way, becoming victims of malicious attacks that could have been prevented, had they they right defenses. This is especially true for small businesses, as they often don’t have the resources needed to protect themselves against well-funded, expert attackers. The answer to this seems simple: just adopt the latest, most-advanced security measures. But this is not so easy to do on your own. That’s why Rewterz is here to help.


We pride ourselves on being one of the most trustworthy managed security providers in the industry. Your company’s information and security is of paramount importance – we understand that. Rewterz handles your data and security measures with the utmost discretion and integrity, preserving the safety of your information and forging a relationship that is built on complete honesty and trust.

Advanced Cyber Defense

Your organization is making a huge mistake. How do we know this? Because most others are too. The mistake is assuming that your current security measures are enough to prevent modern attacks.

Threat Intelligence

To keep your business and its information safe, you need the most advanced threat intelligent services out there. But what do you do when you don’t have the staff or resources to manage it on your own?

Security Outsourcing

We pride ourselves on being a security firm that businesses can trust. Every member of our team sees it as their mission to provide honest and top quality services for companies everywhere.

Why do you need our managed security services? Because, without them, your company is currently like bait in a shark tank. Weak and defenseless. And without a wealth of resources, it’s impossible to change things so that you can protect yourself on your own. You need a way to achieve top level security for your business without sending your bottom line plummeting. Outsourcing to us is the most effective and affordable way to make up for your staff’s lack of information security professionals. Furthermore, it’s actually preferable. With us, you’ll get a whole team of experts on your side, each member devoted to making your security measures fully customized to meet your company’s unique needs and give the highest degree of perfection. We’ve spent years focused solely on information security practices, providing elite clients with our unparalleled managed security services. Your budget will be accommodated, along with any special compliance or security requirements.


Previously, managed security services had limited capabilities. It was difficult to deliver the technologies and strategies necessary to detect the small traces of a lurking attacker. However, Rewterz has solved this problem. We present your organization with the most advanced tools and methods, giving you the edge you need to cut off the attackers before they even have a chance to crack into your systems. You’ll finally have security measures you can feel confident about, and have the satisfaction of showing the bad guys that you know how to fight back – and win.

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